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mystrie35 started this conversation
i am disabled and need some help finding funds to refurbish my home three here are living in this home myself daughter and husband and adopted animals . that people couldnt take care of any longer after the rita storm. they are my babies now .
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angel helper

Rebuild Together, google it. They are in your area and can help your issues.Hope you can get the help you need. Its just a google away. Make sure to let a blog if it worked.

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angel helper

Hey I know of something called rebuild together, google it. I know it is in the Houston area, but they will help you locate the one in your area. I am positive it is what you are looking for. We are in the same shape as you and I have been doing mass searches and found this one only they cant to my area. I hope they can help you. We are a family of seven I am disabled we have a son in a wheelchair and 4 other children with special needs and cannot find help for these same things repair and handicap accessing. Best of luck to you, I wil keep you in my prayers. Seriously, google rebuild together and get help.

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